Market Ceylon Spice Tea

Market Ceylon Spice TeaDeveloped in the early 60s in Seattle, this delicately grown Ceylon black tea is gently blended with a concoction of clove, orange essence, and cinnamon to create an aromatic and soothing spiced tea. It is a one-of-a-kind tea that has exceptional flavor, because each sip is slightly spicy and pungent. Although you are welcome to add milk or sugar, this tea is naturally sweet and delicious. Delight in the sumptuous flavor of Market Ceylon Spiced Tea.

We blend all of our loose-leaf teas in-house to ensure quality and freshness. Be sure to purchase one of the tea ball infusers so you can enjoy Market Ceylon Spice tea on the go.  Order this delicious gourmet tea from CoffeeAM today!


Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea

Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea originates from Galle, Sri Lanka and is a typical low-grown black Ceylon tea. Ceylon got its name from its country of origin until the name of the country changed to Sri Lanka in 1972.

Grown in the southwest Galle district, this black tea can be produced almost year round. The average growing elevation for this tea is 1,000 feet and below; the steady year-round temperatures and generous level of humidity provide for an ideal atmosphere for this high quality tea. What you’ll find with this black tea is a full, yet delicate taste that is mellow and brisk; it is incredibly smooth with a golden color and definitely delicious! Serve Ceylon Chester Broken Orange Pekoe Tea with milk or lemon, or serve it as an iced tea. Your guests are going to love it!

What is Black Tea?

Black tea is by far the most consumed tea in the Western world, and it makes up 90% of the global tea trade volume. The most common black teas are found in places like China, where the methods for making black tea originated. Black Tea is also grown in India which supplies a significant portion of black tea, and in Sri Lanka, the world’s leader in tea production. Black tea actually starts out green, but during the production process, the tea is oxidized and turns black, releasing the tea’s full big-bodied flavor.

Although many people enjoy black tea taken with milk or sugar, you may find some teas labeled “self drinking,” which denotes that this normally powerful tea tastes great alone without the additives. CoffeeAM offers our best-selling loose-leaf Black Teas and popular favorites, such as Earl Grey with Bergamot Oil and the rich and robust English Breakfast Tea blends.

Steep your gourmet tea at the water’s third boil, or when the water is erupting with bubbles. This ensures that the full flavor of each black tea will be released. Steep for 3-5 minutes to your desired strength. Although you will notice a color change, this does not always indicate the flavor. We recommend taste testing during steeping to generate your desired consistency and flavor. Our premium black teas come in many different, loose-leaf blends. Remember, you’ll need a tea infuser for single cups!  Enjoy some Black Tea today!