Chamomile Tea

Chamomile TeaThe finest chamomile flowers in the world come from the Nile River Valley of Egypt and were considered a remedy for all ills by the ancient Egyptians. Used to cure anxiety, stomach cramps, skin problems such as eczema, reduce inflammation, and used to reduce stress & promote restful sleep, Chamomile Tea is great for relaxation and a wide variety of other ailments.

Most Tea Connoisseurs are fans of Chamomile’s calming effect. The warm drink is used to settle you down before bedtime or to help reduce stress.

Try some Chamomile Tea today; we’re sure you’ll love it!


China Dragon Phoenix Pearl Green Tea

Green Tea ChinaSince the Sung Dynasty over 800 years ago, Green Tea enriched with the fragrance of jasmine has been an all-time favorite. Dragon Phoenix Pearl gets its name from the visual characteristics of the tea bushes “climbing” the hillsides like a dragon coming out of the water.

The tea is picked in April/May and processed by hand. Once rolled, the tea is wrapped in silk mesh and dried by fire to set the form. The tea is then held until August/September when the finest jasmine blossoms are in bloom.

The jasmine flowers are picked before noon and set aside until evening when the petals begin to open in the cool night air. Once open, the “marrying” of the jasmine to the tea happens in two applications after which the jasmine petals are removed. Order this truly remarkable China Dragon Phoenix Pearl Green Tea today!

The Perfect Teas for Autumn

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so excited for Fall!  There are so many wonderful things about autumn…the leaves changing, the cooler weather.  I especially love cinnamon brooms!  You know what else is great about fall?  Fall Teas that are perfect for this time of year!  Visit CoffeeAM’s Fall Teas page to find some of the best teas for October and November.  From Apple Spice to Organic Chai, you’ll find exactly what you want on this page!

Fun Fact: The Chinese Character for Tea

Tea originated in China thousands of years ago.  No one knows exactly when it became popular, but some legends date tea as far back as 2700 BC.  This makes it older than the Great Pyramids of Giza!

Despite its popularity, tea did not have its own unique character for hundreds of years.  In fact, it shared the same character with sow thistles and was only distinguished in pronunciation.  It wasn’t until around the year 750 AD that it developed its own character, but it has remained the same for nearly 1300 years!

Pronounced cha, the Chinese character for tea is a beautiful one that’s written from top to bottom.  The top strokes (shaped like an H) represent “grass” or “plant,” designating that tea comes from a plant.  This H-shaped stroke appears on related Chinese characters such as flower and petal.  Even if you don’t know Chinese, you can spot plant-related characters by this H-shape!

Enjoy one of our many Chinese teas today; we’re sure you’ll find one that you love!

Try a New Summer Tea Today!

You normally think of drinking iced tea in the summer to help stave off the heat.  In the south, where we’re from, it’s sweet iced tea!  However, many people would much rather have a hot tea than a cold one.  Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered for both!  Check out our Summer Teas for an amazing collection of fruit flavored teas.  Peach tea and sweet cherry tea are just a couple of the remarkable teas we can offer you at great prices!  Of course, don’t forget about the Tazo teas, as well as the fruit and herb tisanes.  No matter what you’re in the mood for, these Summer Teas are sure to hit the spot!