Japanese Sencha Green Tea

green tea japan senchaJapanese Sencha is a traditional green tea that is produced in several parts of Asia, including Japan. Although it took almost six centuries before green tea was fully accepted in Japan, Sencha green tea is now among one of the finest teas included in ceremonial tastings.

This particular variety has not been fermented nor withered. Instead, the leaves are steamed to prevent fermentation. Once steeped, Japanese Sencha produces a greenish-yellow liquor with a mellow body and slight vegetal notes.

We recommend brewing 4 teaspoons of Japanese Sencha in 1 3/4 cup of boiling water for 1-2 minutes.


China Dragon Phoenix Pearl Green Tea

Green Tea ChinaSince the Sung Dynasty over 800 years ago, Green Tea enriched with the fragrance of jasmine has been an all-time favorite. Dragon Phoenix Pearl gets its name from the visual characteristics of the tea bushes “climbing” the hillsides like a dragon coming out of the water.

The tea is picked in April/May and processed by hand. Once rolled, the tea is wrapped in silk mesh and dried by fire to set the form. The tea is then held until August/September when the finest jasmine blossoms are in bloom.

The jasmine flowers are picked before noon and set aside until evening when the petals begin to open in the cool night air. Once open, the “marrying” of the jasmine to the tea happens in two applications after which the jasmine petals are removed. Order this truly remarkable China Dragon Phoenix Pearl Green Tea today!

Fall’s Coming; Time for Some Chai!

Aren’t you excited for the weather change?  It’s time to break out those sweaters and boots!  Autumn is finally rolling in!

As fellow tea lovers, we know that you like to change things up as the weather cools.  May we suggest you try some Chai Tea this fall?

Our chai tea is available in concentrates, latte mixes, and teabag form. Chai is a mixture of tea and spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom. It is traditionally blended with milk and can be enjoyed hot, cold, or blended with ice.  Doesn’t that sound like the perfect tea for a cool November morning?

Order Chai Tea today!  We know you’ll love these options as a little taste of fall!

Try a New Summer Tea Today!

You normally think of drinking iced tea in the summer to help stave off the heat.  In the south, where we’re from, it’s sweet iced tea!  However, many people would much rather have a hot tea than a cold one.  Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered for both!  Check out our Summer Teas for an amazing collection of fruit flavored teas.  Peach tea and sweet cherry tea are just a couple of the remarkable teas we can offer you at great prices!  Of course, don’t forget about the Tazo teas, as well as the fruit and herb tisanes.  No matter what you’re in the mood for, these Summer Teas are sure to hit the spot!

The Chinese Tea Brick

In China, the practice of packing tea into small bricks for consumption goes back at least 1,000 years.  Gourmet tea was so highly valued that it spread throughout China, Siberia, and Central Asia.  In fact, these ornately packaged tea bricks were often preferred as currency in place of any coins, as they were more valuable!  Furthermore, people liked being paid with something that could also be consumed; the tea leaves could be eaten by themselves or steeped for drinking.  You can’t do either one with a coin!

Although the practice isn’t common anymore, it’s still a fascinating tidbit about Chinese history.  Ceremonial tea bricks were given to kings, used by emperors, and valued by the wealthy.  They often had writing and designs on them to reflect where they came from or who they were being given to.  The Chinese Tea Brick was truly unique and exceptional!

Luckily, tea bricks don’t cost a fortune anymore and are more of a novelty than anything else.  They make great gifts for those who are interested in unique presents or who love a little history.  Give your tea lover a fantastic gift that’s sure to create some buzz; order a Chinese Tea Brick from CoffeeAM today!

Summer’s here…time to get out the iced tea!

Today is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer!  Beat the heat with some iced tea!  Try our “best iced tea ever” for starters.  This is way better than anything you can find in the store; that’s why it’s one of our fan favorites!  If you’d rather have a fruity delight, try the Passion Fruit Tea or our Mandarin Orange Tea.  No matter what you’re looking for, CoffeeAM has you covered during the hot summer.  Be sure to check out our Summer Drinks page for more great deals, too!