English Breakfast Tea vs. Irish Breakfast Tea

Let’s have a battle of the islands, shall we?  Old England and the Emerald Isle haven’t always gotten along, and they’re fiercely proud of their homelands.  That can apply to pretty much anything, including items that are named after them!  So let’s see: which is better, English Breakfast Tea or Irish Breakfast Tea?

English Breakfast Tea usually has Assam, African, and Ceylon teas included.  Each of these were once part of the British Empire, which helped shape who they are today.  So when you drink English Breakfast Tea, you’re getting a taste of Britain’s former imperialist glory!

The tea itself is intended to accompany rich, fatty, fried foods.  For breakfast, that means it’s perfect with bacon and eggs.  It’s also great with strong flavors like smoked fish.  It’s rich and robust, and definitely holds its own with these foods.

Irish Breakfast Tea, on the other hand, is quite dark and strong, just like the Irish like it.  The flavor is very pronounced and distinct, and the Irish love this tea.  In fact, they’re the highest per-capita consumers of tea in the world!  Irish Breakfast Tea usually includes rich and malty Assams, and occasionally includes Indonesian and African teas.

So which is better?  Both the English and Irish would tell you that their teas are better, of course.  The truth is, you’ve gotta try them both for yourself to decide which one you like more!  Try them both today and tell us which one you like!


One comment on “English Breakfast Tea vs. Irish Breakfast Tea

  1. sabrina says:

    Irish breakfast tea definitely… but the English breakfast is a close second. Both are my favorite teas..!

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