Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Tea

The Temple of Heaven is a sacrificial altar built in the 1400s in Beijing.  The Yongle Emperor (meaning “perpetual happiness”) had the building built during his reign, along with the more famous Forbidden City.  The Temple was a place where the emperor could make sacrifices on behalf of his kingdom to Shangdi, the god of Heaven.  Worship of Shangdi predates Taoism and Buddhism, and it allowed the emperor to proclaim himself to have the Mandate of Heaven, the right to rule his people.  After a while, Shangdi evolved from the god of Heaven to Heaven itself.  The Temple of Heaven still stands today as marvelous as it did 600 years ago.

Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Tea is an excellent choice of green tea; in fact, it’s considered one of the best in the world.  Most Gunpowder Tea originates in the Zhejian Province of China.  Its name comes from the fact that tightly rolled balls of tea look like gunpowder balls.  When you place them in hot water, they unfurl and release their flavor to create phenomenal tea.  The tea has a strong green and copper liquor and a distinctive taste that you’re sure to love.  It’s the perfect tea to enjoy alone late in the day to help unwind.  Flavor it with lemon and sugar, or mint and sugar, to add some complexity and uniqueness.  If you need a new green tea, consider trying Temple of Heaven Gunpowder Tea today!


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