The Chinese Tea Brick

In China, the practice of packing tea into small bricks for consumption goes back at least 1,000 years.  Gourmet tea was so highly valued that it spread throughout China, Siberia, and Central Asia.  In fact, these ornately packaged tea bricks were often preferred as currency in place of any coins, as they were more valuable!  Furthermore, people liked being paid with something that could also be consumed; the tea leaves could be eaten by themselves or steeped for drinking.  You can’t do either one with a coin!

Although the practice isn’t common anymore, it’s still a fascinating tidbit about Chinese history.  Ceremonial tea bricks were given to kings, used by emperors, and valued by the wealthy.  They often had writing and designs on them to reflect where they came from or who they were being given to.  The Chinese Tea Brick was truly unique and exceptional!

Luckily, tea bricks don’t cost a fortune anymore and are more of a novelty than anything else.  They make great gifts for those who are interested in unique presents or who love a little history.  Give your tea lover a fantastic gift that’s sure to create some buzz; order a Chinese Tea Brick from CoffeeAM today!


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