Why Green tea? Let me count the ways!

The Chinese have been using Green Tea for medicinal purposes for over 4000 years. Today, the western world is finally coming to realize the amazing benefits of drinking green tea. Green Tea contains polyphenols, which are naturally occurring compounds that act as antioxidants for disease prevention and treatment of many illnesses. The level of polyphenols is higher in green tea because green tea is unoxidized, Unlike Oolong tea which is partially oxidized and black tea is fully oxidized. These unaltered polyphenols are green tea’s primary active ingredients.  Scientific evidence shows us that Green Tea has been clinically proven to lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, aid digestion, fight fatigue, preserve younger-looking skin, and promote oral health. Green Tea has also been known to reduce LDL cholesterol levels preventing the abnormal formation of blood clots. Considering blood clots are the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes, this has been a huge breakthrough, and gives us a better understanding as to why Japanese men, who drink green tea, have a very low rate of heart disease.

Asians have been experiencing the health benefits of Green Tea for ages. Did you know that scientific studies have also confirmed that the art of making loose-leaf tea, taking time to slow down and prepare the drink, will have a calming effect and help to lower your stress level? A warm cup of Green Tea in your hand can also bring forth a flood of positive feelings because medical evidence shows people associate physical warmth with emotional warmth. Is there anything this drink can’t do?

The best part is, it may have even more medicinal benefits beyond our understanding, but with no big chalky pill to swallow! Hot or cold, sweetened or plain, good health has never been this easy!

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