Brewing the perfect cup of tea

Brewing the perfect cup of tea requires precision in time and temperature.  The following chart will be handy for you to have as a guide to brewing your loose-leaf tea from CoffeeAM. Keep in mind that many loose-leaf teas can be re-steeped offering you exceptional flavor time after time and a better value.  You can always add more tea for a stronger flavor, but never more time or you risk a bitter tasting tea. The proper temperature assures that the tea unfurls completely releasing all the glorious flavor that has been locked inside.

tsp amount                                   temperature                        minutes to

per 8oz water                                                                                   steep

White tea 1.5                                           175                                  4-5

Green tea 1                                             175                                    1min

Oolong tea 1                                           195                                    3

Black tea 1                                              195                                    2-3

Herbal tea 1.5                                          208                                5-6

Decaffeinated teas will call for the same temperature/time method however, when making an iced tea using loose-leaf tea, double the teaspoons of tea per 8oz of water and make hot tea as directed above.  When poured over ice it will dilute quickly and easily making the perfect gourmet iced tea. CoffeeAM is proud to offer you a large selection of gourmet loose-leaf teas from around the world, suitable for any taste and any budget. We ship same day so our teas arrive exceptionally fresh and delicious.  Enjoy!


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