Information about loose-leaf tea

Tea, in the loose-leaf form, has been around for centuries, tea bags on the other hand is a much more modern day idea that causes you to wonder…which one is right for me? 

For better tea, the answer is simple…Gourmet Loose-leaf tea. Tea in its natural form offers you larger sized tea-leaves that are full of exquisite oils, rich flavor and aroma.  The more pieces the tea is broken down into, for example to fit into a tiny little tea bag, the more the flavors and precious oils are released and evaporated leaving you with a flatter tasting tea with little flavor or aroma.  If you have never had a side-by-side comparison, I think it is time!  Once you experience the glorious bouquet and satisfying taste of tea in its loose-leaf form, you realize just what you have been missing.

What are the other benefits you wonder?  Lets talk about convenience.  Bags seem really convenient, and they are, but you paying for convenience over taste, and we don’t think you should ever have to do that!  Once you learn just how easy and fun it is to pack a reusable tea-ball and drop it in hot water, you will see it really is just as fast, just as convenient…Loose-leaf is where the flavor is!  Loose-leaf tea can also be resteeped over and over so it is actually more cost efficient!  With tea bags, you are paying extra for the supposed convenience, settling for less flavor, and making waste for the environment, all of which can be avoided by choosing loose-leaf tea.  One more thing to consider… choices!  With loose-leaf tea, you don’t have to settle for what the grocery stores pick to mass market.  We search the world over to bring you unique teas that will stir your senses, the possibilities here are endless!  Go to coffeeAM, Pick a gourmet loose-leaf tea, let us send you a free tea ball infuser and get started on your magical sensory experience that is Loose-leaf tea.  Don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me why you choose Loose leaf tea!


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