Health benefits of gourmet tea

So, I went to the doctor today and as we were discussing things the thought, “Oh, there is a tea to help with that” came into my head no less than 5 times.  Loose-leaf gourmet teas have been healing our bodies and preventing disease for centuries.  If you look at different cultures all over the world, you would see a huge difference in the level of disease, and we believe it has a lot to do with tea!

Weather you prefer Black, white, green or Tisanes, tea can be beneficial to your whole body and should be a part of your daily routine for optimal health.  Tea strengthens your immune system, protects against heart and other diseases, it contains fluoride and tannins, and can help fight infection.  If that wasn’t reason enough, do some research!  There are pages and pages of medical studies to document the benefits of drinking tea.  Even simple things are noted like, the serene act of making gourmet tea actually lowering your blood pressure, also wrapping your hands around the warm cup evoking a feeling of comfort and content.

Hot or cold, sweet or straight there is good reason tea is the number one consumed beverage on the face of the earth.  Read more at

I want to know… What benefits have you discovered while consuming tea?  Tell me your story!


2 comments on “Health benefits of gourmet tea

  1. awesome info! i love love love hot tea, but don’t make it enough. what is a good single tea pot? i’d like one of those adorable little set ups with the cup and pot. any suggestions?

  2. says:

    Great question Amy. Tea pots come in many different sizes and a broad range of prices. I personally love the ease of the Bodum Assam small teapot I think it is easy to use, easy to clean and I love to watch the tea unfurl and change color. It truly makes me feel like I am taking part in the art of ceremonial tea without all the hassle. At the other end of the spectrum, we also have a state of the art tea pot called the Sorapot. This tea pot is for the true tea connoisseur! There is simply nothing like it, it is so gorgeous that you actually want to display it! We have a really great price on this right now at $100.00 down from $200.00 and it makes tea brewing a real experience. You can read all about it on the coffeeAM website by clicking the link
    It is really a masterpiece!

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